Fleeing from horrendous roommates who made being home miserable, Carrie finds herself living with strangers. To make matters worse, her dream career is revealing some harsh realities that throw her entire well-planned future into question. At least her attractive neighbor, Lincoln, is a welcome distraction. Carrie’s new housemates, Hazel, Leigh and Melanie are older women in very different stages of their lives, each battling her own private demons. With refreshing honesty and admirable determination, the four women empower one another to make difficult choices that transform their lives.

From a heartwarming romance, to surprising laugh-out-loud moments, Into the Fold pulls readers into the irresistible cross-generational sisterhood born inside Hazel’s charming home. The satisfying conclusion illustrates how lifting up those around us is often the best way to find our own way back to the light. 

Readers who love animals and ecology will delight in this book, which showcases the human-animal bond, the ability of nature to give our souls peace and the personal impacts we have on the living world around us. Most importantly, this book will remind readers that both cruelty and kindness are magnified when we share them with others.

Now available as an audiobook, too!

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