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“Into the Fold by Christine Hedrick is a captivating and heartwarming tale of the bonds of sisterhood. Beautifully written, it evokes powerful emotions as Dr. Hedrick’s unique characters tackle life’s challenges and find strength and support in one another. The story skillfully depicts the veterinary profession, exposing both the joys and the grim realities of the career. Into the Fold is an intense and heartfelt debut novel that had me bursting out in laughter in one chapter and crying in the next, so entangled was I in each woman’s triumphs and heartaches. I give this novel 5 stars because 10 isn’t an option.” 

– Sarah Davis, Author of “Inside Voices”

The following are written comments provided to the author as feedback by Beta readers who reviewed the rough draft of Into the Fold.

“…a memorable, heart warming, fun story. I was taking a walk the other day and started thinking of something and it was going through in my head for a few minutes and I’m like where did that come from….your book. Now that is saying something…you made an impression, your characters made an impression.”

“I really enjoyed this book! I was invested in the characters and really cared about them. The book made me happy – even though there were hard things that all of the women went through, the way they dealt with the problems impressed me and made me feel like I could be friends with each of these women in real life.”

“I so enjoyed reading this book! I found at times I just wanted to keep going but my eyes were too heavy and I would have to force myself to just put it down.”

“The book kept my attention, and I looked forward to picking it up each night. Lots of positive energy and feel-good vibes.”

“I liked the differences between the characters and that as they got to know each other they realized even though they had various life experiences and the variation in ages, they had more in common than they originally thought. Hazel was my favorite. She took a difficult situation for herself and turned it into something really positive/beneficial for many…humans and animals alike.”

“I like the idea of the women all coming together through an older woman. She has been through all of their stages of life and can watch and support them as they get through their rough patch.”

“I felt like I was there talking to you as I read your book. Your voice comes through in an authentic way.”

“Into the Fold is so deeply enjoyable. Bringing together women, who are total strangers and in different stages, empowering one another when they need it, unknowingly, during the most important decision making moments of their lives. It is refreshing and delightful. I wish I had the words to express my enjoyment of this novel.”

“You discuss science fantastically well and make it easy to understand. I was so drawn into the information you provided around animals, even the gross stuff…. you made me realize how much I really do enjoy science…”

I really enjoyed it. Very relatable. Loved the characters, their personal backstory as well as their interactions/reactions to the roommates/new friendships.”

This book encompasses everything I hold dear: friendship, romance, female empowerment, love of animals, care for the earth and a call to treat others with respect and kindness always and everywhere.

I so appreciate all honest feedback. I invite all of my readers to leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Thank you!

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