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The following links will take you to current reviews from readers on Goodreads and Amazon. Have you read this book? Please leave a review to help others find it, too! The following are written comments provided to the author as feedback by Beta readers who reviewed the rough draft of Into the Fold.… Continue reading Reviews


I am a former full-time veterinarian and now practice selectively as a relief veterinarian when I’m not teaching my favorite subject, Biology. My background in vet med inspired the character of Carrie, who is exploring this field. I have a unique perspective on the veterinary profession, and a desire to help readers understand what life… Continue reading Background


Fleeing from horrendous roommates who made being home miserable, Carrie finds herself living with strangers. To make matters worse, her dream career is revealing some harsh realities that throw her entire well-planned future into question. At least her attractive neighbor, Lincoln, is a welcome distraction. Carrie’s new housemates, Hazel, Leigh and Melanie are older women… Continue reading Book


September 30, 2021 It has been quite a week for this introvert who doesn’t feel very comfortable doing a lot of self promotion. But, it is necessary for authors to do if they want more readers to find their book. So, this week I was lucky enough to do two different outreach events. First, I… Continue reading Blog